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Remote project collaboration, modeling, texture selection and lighting.

Thanks to our modern solutions, we offer comprehensive and professional 3D modeling services that allow you to visualize your projects in the highest quality, regardless of location.

Our offer:​

1. Architectural visualizations

  • We prepare high-quality visualizations that help present projects to investors and clients, facilitating understanding and acceptance of the concept.

  • We offer both visualizations and virtual tours that enable interactive exploration of the project.

2. Remote 3D modeling of buildings and interiors

  • We create detailed 3D models of both external building facades and interiors, which reflect the realistic appearance and atmosphere of the designed space.

  • We specialize in various types of facilities, including residential, commercial and industrial.

Interior Designs

  • We cooperate with interior designers to create detailed visualizations of interior design, including materials, colors and equipment.

  • Our visualizations help in making decisions regarding the design and functional layout of rooms.

Rendering and Post-production

  • We offer professional renderings that are characterized by a high level of realism thanks to advanced lighting techniques and textures.

  • We also deal with post-production, improving the quality of images and adding details that make the visualizations even more attractive.

3. Academy

  • We teach 3D software and rendering

  • Classes are conducted remotely, individually

Why Choose AB-render?

  • Experience and professionalism: Our team consists of experienced architects and 3D graphic designers who have extensive knowledge and skills in modeling and visualization.

  • Modern technologies: We use the latest tools and software to ensure the highest quality of services.

  • Flexibility and availability: Thanks to remote modeling, we are able to work on projects from anywhere, which allows for flexibility and quick adaptation to the client's needs.

  • Individual approach: We treat each project individually, adapting to the specific requirements and expectations of the client, which guarantees satisfaction and high quality of the final product.


If you are interested in our offer or have any questions, please contact us

PRICES  01/01/2024 - 31/07/2024


3D session

  • Individually

  • remotely


3D session

  • individually

  • remotely

  • supporting materials

  • to be used within a month


3D session

  • individually

  • remotely

  • supporting materials

  • to be used within two months


After purchasing one of the options, you will receive a code for free download 

3D Academy course (pdf+24 video) from the website

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