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everything remotely

consultations, drawings, visualizations



1. Program interface; toolbar settings, template

2. Keyboard shortcuts, modeling shapes and solids
3. Rotating objects, moving, copying
4. Creating a group, component
5. Creating a room
6. Creating furniture
7. Applying textures, editing, positioning
8. Creating scenes
9. Creating a cross-section
10. Working on layers
11. Importing 3D models from external portals
12. Importing a room outline
13. Daylight settings
14. Follow me option
15. Cutting out solids and shapes
16. Plugins; installation and use



17. Program interface

18. Rendering engine settings
19. Natural light, domelight
20.Artificial light
21. Materials (overlay, own library)
22. Materials - creation
23. Fur
24.Proxy objects
25. History of renders, "correction control"
26. Render from cross-sectional settings


How do we work

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